Monday, 6 July 2009

James Bond found on Facebook

Following revelations that the next head of MI6 was found to have a Facebook page, secret agent James Bond has also been found to be an active user of the site.

Concerns have been raised that foreign counter-espionage teams could discover that 007 got 95% correct on ‘Guess That 80s Band’ and chose Lady Gaga, international megalomaniacs, the colour pink, Dizzee Rascal and Piers Brosnan as his ‘5 Things I’d Like to See Disappear Forever!’.

He was also revealed as being a member of a number of Facebook groups including ‘Ant & Dec for PM’ and ‘Bring back Bagpuss’.

David Miliband has joined calls for Bond to be sacked, saying ‘His page shows that he clearly lacks judgment, not to mention taste. And only 95% on 80s bands? Come on…’

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Anonymous said...

It could be worse. At least he didn't reveal that he always secretly preferred the Soup Dragon to Small and Tiny Clanger :-)