Friday, 3 July 2009


Well we did the dirty deed yesterday and at least semi-moved dad into his new home. Then after a brief visit two hours later, left him to get on with it and settle in. It seems strange today that Linda and I don't have to jiggle things around to ensure hospital visiting times are covered.

It's a sad feeling to realise that "it's come to this", but he just is unable to look after himself, and there's no option. A wee tear is an option, and a heavy heart is a realistic response.

The owner of the home is an ex- St Aug's member, now living in Florida, and the staff are just smashing. We left him with his pipe, what a joy for him, and the prospect of a wee dram before his dinner and another before his bedtime! Let's hope the honeymoon works out!

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susan s. said...

Here's hoping!