Wednesday, 8 July 2009


I've always been taught, through AA and in the dreaded Treatment Centre, that procrastination is a character defect inherent in all who suffer from alcoholism, whether in recovery or not. It's a character defect that bugs me immensely, and I hate myself for leaving things until tomorrow which could be done today. I get by simply by giving myself a kick at times to get myself going, but when the black dog of depression rears its ugly head, my procrastination can become chronic! I know within myself that if I tackle the inbox, or actually "do" what needs done today I may feel much better. However, there's always something to blame for holding me back.

It's not laziness, for I'm not a lazy person. It's just life in general which seems to almost paralyze me.

Perhaps some others have found a trick or two which helps them on their way. I wouldn't mind some suggestions!

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James said...

Well fr k do am very sure and certain that you are not a lazy person, but do you know that some things are well done when done at the last minute or the eleventh hour.