Sunday, 15 November 2009

Bad Day for This Football Fan!

Yesterday was not good. The RW was absolutely brilliant, and didn't rub my nose in the fact that Wales humiliated Scotland 3-0. She did casually mention something about how her brother-in -law would just love to get a "shot" at me last night, but I think she meant "gloat".

Meanwhile Partick Thistle Nil were going down 3-1 at Dunfermline, losing a last minute killer goal. By all accounts Thistle played well, but like Scotland, have trouble turning pressure into goals sometimes. The Nil result I can take. We'll hammer them back at Firhill. The Scotland one is harder to stomach.

There was little real commitment yesterday, despite the fact we had a half-decent team out there. I was a great Burley supporter at the end of the World Cup Qualifiers, but a man can change his mind, and mine was yesterday. He must go, and go now.

I awaited news that my Gambian Team had lost too, but then I realised they play today.

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