Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Stolen, but Brilliant!

Found on Big Rab's Blog:


Commonwealth/Olympic Games Short of Budget
(Insert name of currently unemployed football manager) Flattered to be Linked With Scotland Job
Smith Linked With Scotland Job
Colin and Justin/Jordan/Samantha Fox say “(Insert vacuous rubbish here)”
Jedward (that’s enough headlines – ed.)
On other pages:
Bears Defecating Habits Continue to Centre on Wooded Areas
Pope Confirms He Is Roman Catholic
One Legged Man Swims in a Circle"

I would add  .....  Celtic/Rangers Awarded Penalty in Tight Match

High Rain Levels in Dumbarton

Tony Blair Gets New Job

Oh! The possibilities are endless. 5,000 years off purgatory for the best "Headline"!! Off you go...

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