Thursday, 5 November 2009

Transexual Jesus Anyone?

Jesus, Queen of Heaven

Glasgow is certainly putting itself on the map these days! Have a look here!


Anonymous said...

I prefer Susan Boyle. She's much more manly.

Anonymous said...

Like Billy Connolly, I'm still trying to get my head around the concept of a gay night in Partick, let alone a gay or transsexual saviour.

Surely though Christianity should be tolerant and understanding?

Or is that only up to a point with some?

Fr Kenny said...

Absolutely, Rab! The intolerance of right wing evangelical groups is shameful! I have no problem with this stuff. Jesus came and took humanity, not maleness or femaleness! Just humanity. Maybe this play is trying to make this point in the language of our times.

Nutters like Glass will always be with us!

frdougal said...

Kenny, Glass is deid! This is his successor. And a gay night in Partick - you get a wee umberella in yir Bacardi Breezer!

Fr Kenny said...

I understand Glass has a son who took the lead in the protest.