Monday, 23 November 2009

Feelin' Better!

Yes!! Victory! Managed to stave off the "black dog" and back to best form! I even got carried away yesterday and a ten minute sermon turned into a 15 minute one! (I need to curb my enthusiasm sometimes!)

It's all to do with this power of positive thinking lark, which I'm getting used to. The RW is so annoying when she sees positives where I have tended to continually dwell on the negatives. She's been good for me, although she's had to suffer through some major dark times.

We had a good old fashioned Scottish Night in our new hall last night, anticipating St Andrew's Day. Haggis, neeps and chappit tatties for 80, and a brilliant sing-a-long which ended up with the fittest standing on our new chairs and "giving it laldy"! Some new folk drawn into the Friends' event, and they went away thinking St Auggie's was wonderful! It is!

A major drama had to be part of it, and the heat sensors in the kitchen, as we were serving the meal, set off the fire alarm. Problem... we had no instruction booklet. After about 20 minutes we managed to silence the klaxons, and nobody seemed too bothered.

And we made a few bob for church funds into the bargain!

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Anonymous said...

The heat klaxons are a sign from God that you are preaching for too long. Hot air can cause a Divine panic. Only Calvinists in Sydney preach long sermons, and they tend to drive the congregation completely mad.