Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Let Down

The poor RW took a day off today, one of her precious holidays, hoping that we might get some time together. Firstly, All Souls Day got in the way today with two services, a meeting tonight, a funeral tomorrow which I had to prepare for, and several discussions with builders who are now attending to the snagging in our new hall. (Yes, Blethers, snagging with an "n"!!)

The dogs got a decent walk, though, in the rain, so they were happy.

Tomorrow is the dreaded "Assessment Meeting" in my dad's Care Home. He is so unhappy, but nobody seems to be coming up with any options, except some numpty in Social Work who is thinking he could maybe be ok back in the community with mega support. We've tried this so many times with disastrous consequences.

So, say a little prayer for us tomorrow! Every little helps!


susan s. said...

Yes, Prayers.

Did the numpty volunteer to be the mega support? . . . I thought not.

ChickPea said...

All prayers and all love, Kenny, for all of you.... x

Chris said...

Snagging with an "a" as well? How boring. Prayers for your meeting today.xx