Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hellish Hallowe'en

There are good days in football and there are bad days in football. This afternoon it was very much the case of the latter for Partick Thistle Nil. Defending an unbeaten home record without a goal conceded Thistle went down to a 2-1 defeat against Raith Rovers.
It was terrible to watch, but yet again we had a team coming to Firhill with ten men constantly behind the ball punting it up to a lone striker in the hope of getting a break. Atrocious defending meant they got a couple of breaks today!
 The Jags manager had this to say.... "Over the piece this season the players have done well and there have been very few occasions when we would say that they have let the supporters down. I thought though that today was a day when we let the supporters down."
You sure did guys!!
He went on to say.....  "Raith Rovers had a clear game plan and they stuck to it and did really well. The thing that troubled me the most was the fact that they were more up for the game than we were." They were, they were, Iain, but why was that? He goes on....
"If we have perhaps learnt one lesson from today is that it's not all about playing attractive football to win games. Sometimes you have to battle to win a game of football and that is something that we didn't manage to do this afternoon. If you want to compete at the top end of the league and win titles then you need to win when you don't play well. Dundee by all accounts haven't been playing that well but they have been grinding out wins and draws."  So they have. Why don't we do that?
Raith Rovers certainly had a game plan, a la Walter Smith in Europe, which was called anti-football. I guess it's hard to break down and why Rovers have won so many points this season. I wondered, though, why their gates were so low? Now I know.
This is not a bitter and twisted response to a home defeat..... well maybe it is.... a little bit!

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dtedac said...

Anti-football? Even the strategy's name doesn't sound like it's fun to watch. We will hang in there with Partick Thistle anyhow!