Monday, 12 October 2009

From Unthinking Anglicans

As a visual aid, there's nothing more effective than a fire-eating Vicar. Father Edward Martin is a real fire and brimstone preacher, giving demonstrations of fire-eating to his newly-enlightened congregations. Concerned churchgoers need look no further than the New Testament, which proclaims "One who is more powerful than I will baptise with the Holy Ghost and fire." Fr Martin's fire-eating act is reserved for baptisms at his church. Rev. Colin Davis (right) also terrifies his congregation by giving them a foretaste of what is to come. The threat of Hell has always been a sure fire way of forcing people to behave. More Anglican clergy should start eating fire during their sermons.

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Morag said...

Is the rector of St Aug's getting into practice in case the boilers aren't ready for the weekend services? A wee fire might be just the thing to warm the place up :-)