Saturday, 31 October 2009

New Toy

There comes a time in everyone's life, I suppose, when they just know that they're getting old. I'm at that point tonight having got delivery of a new Blackberry today.

Maybe I've just got to the point of technology overload and there's no more can be taken in? Maybe this is just a step too far for me? I look at the instructions and I think they may as well be in Double Dutch. The RW frightens me by suggesting that I may be constantly switched to the internet and we'll get a bill for about a thousand pounds next month if I'm not careful. She knows people who have these things!

I know people, too, like the Primus of the SEC who gaily flicks through his Blackberry putting in appointments, reading out emails and even phoning and texting too. I believe he has a technological wizard back at the Diocesan Office who sets these things up for him! I don't!!

Will this technological leap be a step too far for me, or will I manage to connect to Facebook and Twitter? Will I give up and crawl back to my trusty Motorola? Watch this space!


Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware that the Primate of SEC was gay.

Tim said...

I have every confidence you'll cope with it.

Chris said...

Remember I posted the same sort of qualms here?
I really like my new phone now - and you're still welcome to the old ones!
BTW - the first mail you ever sent me, you described yourself as being techno-savvy and up to speed on modern communications - it wasn't so long ago!