Thursday, 22 October 2009

Scottish Football Hits New Low

I'm despairing for my beloved Scottish Football. Not only has the performance and the commitment of the National Team taken a huge dip of late, but our clubs have been shown up in European Matches as being second rate. This was not always the case. Rangers and Celtic, at least, and Aberdeen and Dundee Utd have all achieved on the European stage, and there was once a time when European clubs feared Scottish opposition.

This season we are being shown up as the "tiddlers" of  European competition. I'm sure nobody fears Rangers and Celtic, far less any of the other clubs. I guess it's all to do with money, and our inability to compete financially with the very best, or even the slightly better, but Rangers were taken to the cleaners on Tuesday by minnows from Romania who possibly have as big a turnover as the Saracen Head public house in Glasgow.

I was ashamed of the standard of football on offer from one of the two clubs I love to hate, although I will always want them to do well when they are representing Scottish Football. It will be Celtic's turn to humiliate us more this evening at Celtic Park, I'm sure.

To add to the misery, one of the Rangers players, an Afro american called Maurice Edu, was racially abused by Rangers fans, even although he wasn't even playing on Tuesday! A shameful incident for Scottish Football to say the least, but what does one expect from the (admittedly minority) of thugs and bigots who follow the Old Firm. Sectarianism is our problem here in the West of Scotland. Let's not humiliate ourselves more by adding racism to our dreadful track record.

I'm affirmed on a daily basis for supporting the Great Glasgow Alternative! My beloved Partick Thistle!

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