Friday, 9 October 2009

One of Those Weeks!

It' been one of those weeks when time flies in, you know you have been incredibly busy, but seem to have little to show for the morning noon and nightly efforts! The old blogging is the first to go, and it's something I miss terribly. If I'm not blogging it means that I'm missing other blogs I follow too, and I miss the daily chuckles and the deeper thought provoking comments too.

Not that I've not been creative, as the Parish Magazine had to be finished by today for printing, and various other bits and bobs had to be written up including a short obituary on someone I loved dearly but lost recently. However, it's been a week of meetings, a funeral, and time spent in the new office beginning to get all my stuff together again. My office internet connection should be back on Monday, and I look forward to the opportunities that will give to stay on top of things, internet-wise at least.

It's weekend time already, and Sunday's sermon has still to be looked at, the magazine has still to be printed, and there's the little matter of a football match to cover too. Not that I'm traveling to Dundee to watch Partick Thistle Nil tomorrow, (did I tell you that PTN are top of the League at the moment?), but the Japan v Scotland international match to be seen on BBC 2 Scotland in the morning. The Scotland Squad is a pale shadow of what it ought to be, and there have been so many call-offs through injury that the Tartan Army members in Japan will probably be in with a chance of a game just by virtue of them being there and being Scottish! It all bodes well for another embarrassment for our national team, but I'll watch through my fingers anyway!

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