Monday, 19 October 2009

Superb Day Conference

Despite feeling rather negative yesterday, the Conference on "Managing Meetings Effectively" for stipendiary clergy was an unexpected nugget. Although I spoke too much, a common complaint, there was some really deep, honest and wonderful sharing taking place, and some really helpful stuff about getting the best out of so many of the meetings clergy are expected to chair.

In Alison Clark, we had a tremendous facilitator, and I would hope that the Pisckie Church uses her skills more often in the future.

This was my first CMD (Continuing Ministerial Development) do, and it certainly encouraged me to attend others in the future.

Will my meetings be run more effectively in future? Probably, but if nothing else, they will be run more sensitively! Much to mull over and think about. Wonderful to share some deep stuff with brother and sister clergy!

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