Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Railing Against the Inevitable

There are times when frustration can get the better of me, and now is one of these times! The new parish/community hall has been completed for weeks, we have officially "opened" it and blessed it, with temporary handrails on the entrance ramp, but we can't have full access until the permanent rails are on and a Completion Certificate granted. Now, one would think that putting up handrails would be easy enough, and certainly something that would be high on someone's agenda, but seemingly not.

The firm subcontracted to do this work don't seem to be too bothered. They have been "on site", mostly with just one young lad for over a week now, and today I'm told that they are waiting for tubes to be delivered. Meanwhile, we're admiring the supports that have been secured to the base of the entrance ramp. The fact that the hall was supposed to be complete by the end of August, and actually was, internally, doesn't seem to be phasing anyone except me.

I'm beginning to feel embarrassed by the fact that I've been punting a community hall that the community can have no access to. Time rolls on and I'm getting to a position where I've promised much but am unable to deliver. That's cos I've been promised much and others have failed to deliver, but it's still me who is left looking and feeling like a twit!

The hall is by all intents and purposes completed, although a few odds and ends, snagging etc, have still to get done. That has been the case for several weeks now. Why have the railings suddenly become unimportant, especially when we need them for our completion certificate?

Then there is the small matter of the church boilers. We ordered the new boilers in mid August, and were promised heat in the church building by the end of August. Same sort of story, and in mid-October we were still frreezing last Sunday. I'm assured, today, that the heating will be on tomorrow. I wait with bated breath!

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Morag said...

But you know if theres no heat, you can just go onto the fire eating trick. In fact train several members of the congregation to fire eat, position them strategically around the church and the place will become toasty warm :-)