Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Busy Times

It's Wednesday, and I've still to catch my breath this week. It's been back to back meetings and visits and folk wanting to see me or discuss stuff, and the never-ending new hall saga/new boilers saga taking up lots of time too. With no opportunity for a "day off" next week either, it's my intention to grab 24 hours to myself from now!

It's about family business too. I need to spend some time trying to work out options, if there are any, for dad. He is so unhappy in his Care Home, and if truth be told, they are not overly enthusiastic about keeping him. He really needs to find somewhere else, and my sister and I have been summoned for a meeting with the Care Home staff tomorrow.

Something needs to give, and we are hoping that we can begin to resolve a plethora of issues at that meeting.

Wee prayers would not go amiss!

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