Friday, 2 October 2009

Catching Up

Well, it was a successful trip to The Gambia, and long meetings had favourable outcomes. I think they all felt sorry for me! In effect, I could have been home in three days if I'd known that things were going to go so well, but flights are hard to change without massive financial penalties. The Gambian School is secure for another three years at least, and everyone is happy about that..... even the landlord!

Left with a few days on my own, I realised for the first time that The Gambia is not the most hospitable place to be in September. (November until April is beautiful and much cooler) The rainy season has not quite spluttered out yet, temperatures are muggy and OTT, and mosquito laden puddles are still in evidence, some blocking roads that I needed access to, (I don't know all the alternatives yet), and of course most tourist establishments still closed because the season doesn't start until the end of October. Mother Nature put a couple of incredible thunder storms together for my amusement and entertainment, but it wasn't quite up to the standard of the local drumming and singing which usually keeps me entertained.

So, home! An agreement in my hand which makes me feel a bit like Neville Chamberlain, and the headache of 10 days of email and correspondence to catch up with. I really should have spent more time in the internet cafe when I was over there!

I had expected the new hall to be totally completed, but alas there are still things to be done. This isn't going to stop us having our Centre of the World Party tomorrow night. John McFall, our MP, is all set to cut the ribbon with Hannah, (Dumbarton's revered community member), and then it's down to good food and entertainment, served in the best new hall in the world!

Snagging will begin on Monday!


William said...

Glad your trip was successful

Chris said...

Goodness, Kenny - I misread your last sentence for a heady moment! :-)

susan s. said...

Great news about Gambia!