Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Gambian Tales

Nothing changes! I was met at Banjul airport by the tackiest taxi available! Not only did this one have no floor, but was short of a window or two! However, I'm consoled that the seatbelt works! This is a new law in The Gambia. You can drive the biggest wreck in the world as long as you have your seatbelt on, your triangle, and your fire extinguisher!

My regulat taxi driver, Babba, has lost his taxi, meantime. It is a complicated story, but most stories are here, and nothing cannot be solved with a little money. We'll see how things go. I have a jeep now, although the rear view mirror seems to be portable....  hold it up if you want to see what's behind you! As ever the tank is empty but it gobbles up the deisel.

This is Gambia, and dreadfully Third World. I am in a compound that is basic but good. The dog is a strange gray co;our. Gambian dogs are usually sand coloured, but this one is different, if a bit skelly-eyed! He looks after me. As I read my book at night on my 'balcony', I'm heartened to see the night watchman do his rounds. He has a magnificent machette! Woe betide anyone who wants to screw with Fr Kenny! I sleep well!


Chris said...

Hard to think of you out there - in such a different world, really. I hope the machete isn't required!

First Aid 4 gambia said...

Hope things are going well in Gambia