Sunday, 6 September 2009

Shine on Me!

Has Shine Jesus Shine today. Oh! How my soul abhoreth this ditty. The music group always sing it when I'm on holiday, but it crept up on me today, unawares. Next we'll be singing about Jesus wanting me to be a sun beam or something just as ridiculous!


Morag said...

Part of the music group isn't that keen on it either but it was an option in the hymn book for this Sunday in the year so gave in to pressure.

Don't know this one about sunbeams...guess my education is lacking - or maybe I'm just the lucky one :-)

Chris said...

Have to tell you I got "Shine, Jesus..." as an earworm while I was polishing the crucifix the other week when I was in Martha mode.

Tim said...


Well, if it's any consolation, we had the frightfully creationist "Who put the colours in the rainbow?" this morning. Yeeeuck.