Wednesday, 16 September 2009

New Hall

It feels like one step forward and two steps back, most of the time.

We are now proclaiming that the "Opening Party" will be on October 3rd. This will be our third attempt at choosing a date, and we ARE having the party! The inside work is really complete and has been for two weeks or so now, we just can't get access, although some little things need to be done. It would be nice to have the gas urn fitted, to give us hot tea, and if this could be done, plus the connection of the new cooker, I would overlook the niceties, like having white boards and notice boards etc mounted. Or even the hall cupboards being built!

Our chairs, due to be delivered last Monday have still to arrive, (I'm told today that they want the money first), and tables should be on their way. Aye! Maybe.

The fact that I'm in The Gambia from 21st-30th September doesn't bode well for the run up to October 3rd, but I have faith that when I return on the 30th the exterior will have been transmogrified!

And the phone line might still be working!

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