Thursday, 17 September 2009

From New Zealand

Inglewood's "Knicker Vicar" isn't sure where his new congregation get their underwear but he does know his nickname won't work in Piopio.
After 6 1/2 years at St Andrew's Anglican Church, the Reverend Gary Husband and his wife, Beryl, are moving on and Mr Husband will leave his vicar tag behind when he begins at Piopio's co-operating parish.
"It's a parish of about eight denominations and they all call their vicar something different," he said, "so I'll be a minister, not a vicar."
In 2006, Mr Husband hit international headlines when he helped establish a regular "knicker run" into New Plymouth after Inglewood's sole underwear supplier stopped stocking smalls.
While he had enjoyed the chance the knicker run gave him to talk about Jesus to people around the world, Mr Husband said he had no immediate plans to set up a similar service from Piopio.
"I haven't thought much about it but there is no lingerie store, I know that. Maybe they go to Hamilton or Te Kuiti," he said. "I'm sure God will give me plenty of ideas for Piopio very soon."

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