Thursday, 10 September 2009

New Hall Headaches

Well, we were supposed to take possession of our new hall on August 28th, St Augustine's Day, and half way through September, we'll still be waiting for a couple of weeks! Party rescheduled for October 3rd, and I'm even beginning to wonder if it will be all done by then!

Trying to move our BT line back into the hall has been a nightmare, and, I'm sorry, but call centres in India should be banned if they can't understand a simple instruction! Not only do we have no phone/internet connection now, but BT have given away the Church number to OFTEL, and we have to request it back, but only after they've given us another number!! You couldn't make this up!

The cost of our tables and chairs almost doubled from the original quote, and we had to go back to the beginning and start again. God bless Viking who gave us a brilliant quote for banqueting chairs!

The cooker we bought was delivered with a damaged door. They sent a new cooker, but meanwhile a gas-fitter had connected the damaged one up, so the delivery man couldn't have taken the damaged one away, even if he'd wanted to. He didn't want to, anyway, because it wasn't palleted up and in it's original packaging. I explained we had to take the original packaging off to discover that it was damaged, but he was having none of that! We now have three cookers, believe it or not! (Old one still in storage)

One of the seals on the extra big windows is damaged and needs replaced.

Door closers have still to arrive.

We can't get the cladding on the outside because it rains nearly every day.

The fitting of the new boilers are causing problems, so at least another week with no heating in church.

But, apart from that, everything is hunky-dory!


Erp said...

But at least it isn't a cathedral where the finishing might be in a few hundred years.

I was doing a some research into the history of a nearby university church. The founder wanted the best, but, she also wanted it done in a reasonable period of time. So she scheduled the dedication for early 1902 after three years of building. Notices were sent to the newspapers nationwide a week or so before the event, big names invited only to have the church not ready. Nearly a year later they finally had the dedication though it took another two years for the final details to be done to the church. The next year an earthquake took most of it down (10 years to rebuild [though they never did redo the steeple]).

The hall will be done when it is done. You might just have to open it with a Christmas dinner. Perhaps some Dundee cakes should be made now for the occasion?

Fr Kenny said...

I think it will probably be Easter at this rate, and Hot Cross Buns. At the moment all we have is a Hot Cross Rector!