Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Library ‘takes the mickey out of Christianity’ by selling Messiah Mints

BRIGHTON’S Jubilee Library has a policy of not allowing displays of religious posters – but its shop does sell tins of Messiah Mints.mint_messiah_mints
The product claims to “save your breath”, and an accompanying blurb says:
He can’t feed the 5,000 with this cute little tin of peppermints, but you’ll feel a whole lot better after your hearty banquet of fish and loaves!
This got right up youth leader Jacalyn Ogden’s nose. Ogden, according to as report in the Brighton Argus, went along to the library to put up a poster advertising a multi-faith event.
She was told she could not so as it promoted religion. Said Ogden:
It’s political correctness gone mad and I do think it’s a little hypocritical. They said they couldn’t put up my poster because it was not in their guidelines.
Jacalyn Oghan
How is it that they are allowed to sell mints which clearly contain a religious figure? It is so sad they can do that, yet a leaflet inclusive to all faiths and cultures is still deemed non-PC.
They clearly take the mickey out of Christianity.
A spokeswoman for the council said:
We’re sorry that this person was upset with the incident in the library.
In the interests of fairness, we have very clear and strict guidelines for displaying information in the library and we do not accept any material promoting a particular religious view point.

With regards to the mints, these are one of a series of tinned mints sold in the shop. The labelling is not meant to offend and this is the first time we have received negative comments about them.
When the story appeared yesterday in the Argus, the paper asked:
Do you think the Jubilee Library policy is hypocritical?
And it invited readers to give their views online.  Curious as what sort of reaction this report had prompted, we visited the Argus site this evening, and were galled to find NO comments – just a note that said:
Comments are closed on this article.

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MadPriest said...

The labelling is not meant to offend

I have no desire to offend or insult the spokeswoman for the council but "STUPID COW!!!"