Saturday, 12 September 2009

BT - The Modern Day Version

During a break in full-time ministry, I actually worked for BT. I was part-time in a Call Centre in Glasgow where we prided ourselves on excellent customer service. It was the time where choices had become available and we had to work hard to keep our existing customer base. I hung up on nobody until they were fully satisfied. That's how it was.

Today's equivalent is a total pantomime, involving Indian Call Centres, invisible people, multichoice phone options when you call them that make you lose the will to live, and staff that seem to be absolutely and totally incompetent.

Request: We have a telephone line, broadband enabled in the church building. We want it transferred to the new hall we have built.

Response: They disconnected the church line.

Request: Can we have a line please in the hall? You forgot to connect us to the new premises, 6 feet away from our church building.

Response: Oops! And we've given your phone number back to OFTEL so you can't have that back, unless you request it after we've given you your line in your hall with a completely new number.

What happens next is unbelievable. They RECONNECT the phone to the church with this new number and without it being internet enabled. We still have to see an actual person although for two days now we have had to have someone down in church before 8am. We were told 3 times today that an engineer would come to look at our "fault" by 1pm. Nobody had arrived before 1.15pm.

Meanwhile BTCARE are following me on Twitter! Fat lot of good that's doing!

Nobody has come near the new hall. (See original request).

We have spoken to managers and supervisors, Indians, English folk, and BT Enniskillen are now on our trail, (we think), but nobody has looked at our hall yet!

We've lost our number, lost our internet connection, lost our faith in getting anything done, and lost the will to live.

This has been a 4 week saga and has cost us literally days on the phone, or waiting for someone to come.

Talk Talk sent me a mail shot today. They couldn't be any worse than what we have - could they?


Morag said...

Or maybe we could just get a set of carrier pigeons and a barbecue area and ask everyone to contact us either by pigeon post or smoke signals?

Of course with the rain in the West of Scotland, the fire would go out and the poor wee pigeons would drown.

Lay Clerk said...

Don't you need a BT line to use Talk Talk? I thought they were a third party service provider, rather than a network provider who install and run their own infrastructure.

Have you looked into Virgin Media who could maybe provide you with a cable line, including broadband? I'm with them at home and they're perfectly adequate.

Fr Kenny said...

Talk Talk say we pay the line rental direct to them and arrange for line installation. No doubt they use BT to do the work, but at least they may get things done properly as a company, rather than individuals trying to work their way through Indian Customer Service Centres?

Tim said...

I had TalkTalk for call-billing for a while. I also quit when they left an auto-dialer machine calling me 5x/day and had the utterly despicable cheek to deny it.