Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Busy Day

Apart from the usual Wednesday morning Eucharist, I'm aiming to be in Falkirk for a funeral this afternoon, then a rush back to be at Hampden tonight for the (No Hope?) crunch game against Holland.

Ruby's funeral will be special, since she was such a special person. Just one of God's little saints who walked through the world touching people's hearts with the transforming love and gentleness which is so seldom found. She once asked me to be her Spiritual Director, but after two sessions, I realised I was out of my depth. I needed to go to her for spiritual direction!

Rest in Peace, Ruby! I just hope there's eyeliner in heaven!


GadgetVicar said...

At our early morning prayer meeting today, Nick (a rugby-playing Englishman), prayed for a Scottish victory tonight. Not sure that's "allowed" but, oh, how we laughed at the prospect!

frdougal said...

Of course, there's eyeliner in heaven Father - has to be, if God's letting the drag Queen's in!