Friday, 4 September 2009

Scotland Forever

Not only do we have Macedonia to overcome tomorrow at Hampden in a World Cup Qualifier, but we also have the wrath of the American people to deal with after the release of THAT prisoner. We're not very popular in some parts of the world, just now, but 55,000 kilted Scots will be roaring on our national team tomorrow, me included!

I've been left with the menagerie this weekend as the RW takes off for Welsh Wales for her son's engagement party. Well, that's her excuse! She knows what I'm like when Scotland fail spectacularly!

It's been a busy week, and I could do with an easy weekend, but father has run out of whisky and I need to visit the Care Home with fresh supplies in the morning before hitting the South Side of Glasgow. Sermon needs written, and the animals need looked after. At least the magazine is done and dusted thanks to M & E this afternoon!

I've had many problems with the Church Site of late and getting files uploaded, including photos, has been impossible. Today, I hope, that has been sorted and I think I'll be able to point you to some photos come the beginning of the week.

The completion of the New Hall is a blog unto itself, but we are still not quite there yet! Certainly if the rain stayed off for a day or two, we might actually get somewhere!

A wee win for Scotland tomorrow will cheer us all up! But where will all these Americans find a Macedonia flag?

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