Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Aftermath

Police seek murder bid witnesses

A 38-year-old man has been seriously injured in a fight outside Dumbarton's Masonic Hall, prompting police to treat the incident as attempted murder.

Detectives said at least four men were involved in the incident in Church Street at 2115 BST on Saturday. The man was taken to Paisley's Royal Alexandria hospital and transferred to Glasgow's Southern General where his condition is described as "serious".

Police have appealed for any witnesses to get in touch. Detective Inspector Stevie Primrose said: "The incident happened in a busy area and I would appeal to anyone who may have witnessed a disturbance or who can help us identify the men responsible to come forward."

I would ask your prayers for this man. The last thing we need in all this is someone to have died as a result of sectarian madness.

Here I was thinking that the day of the Orange Walk had passed peaceably in Dumbarton and I was hoping we would get back to normal.

Alas, someone was close to being murdered last night, it seems, and the result of some "people" throwing fireworks into the pub area of the Hall itself, where the "Protestant" people are known to drink. There are some really good people who socialise there.

A night of shame for this lovely town, and my heart goes out to those sitting beside a hospital bed today, praying fervently.


Anonymous said...

"There are some really good people who socialise there."
They are ALL good people. Innocently socialising. Attacked by ill informed bigots intent on stiring social prejudices.
I hope the middle-aged man recovers from the equally mindless beating he recieved.
To throw an explosive device into the centre of any establishment is an act of terrorism. Made even worse having been carried out by grown men who should know better. A 21st birthday party was in progress - luckily no young children were in the bar at the time of the incident.
The masonic lodge encompass ALL christian faiths. Something that Dumbartons Catholic propoganda machine will not let it's people understand. (for proof of this please visit An orange march occurred in the town earlier and passed pretty much unnoticed. People too often hide behind the "offended" curtain. "That offends me!" well boo hoo, I am offended by boy bands, I am also a grown up - get over it. What ever happened to sticks and stones? Singing silly songs and playing flutes badly won't physically hurt. Ignore it - stop giving both sides the column inches and coverage. It helps them justify their pointless out-of-date tit for tat.

Fr Kenny said...

Actually, Anonymous, (I wish you would be open about your identity), I broadly agree with you. I believe though that real dialogue needs to take place within our community. We are in great need of healing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I appeared to be arguing with you - merely using this as a vessel to vent my rage. And unfortunately some can not reveal their identity for fear of mindless reprisal.

Fr Kenny said...

I can understand your anger. I'm raging about the whole situation. We are good people in this town and we need to learn to live together.

I don't take sides, but I'd be anxious for that dialogue before someone DOES get murdered! (Preferably not me!)

susan s. said...

Prayers for the wounded man and his family.
Prayers for Dumbarton

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly ignorance leads the way again in Dumbarton.
This incident was classic stupidity with people attacking a building in the name of faith or what they believe to be faith.

I wonder what would happen if churches on all sides decided to stop the people who bring this stuff to our doorsteps from entering.
There will be no forgiveness and there will be no welcome mat laid out for you.

I know this may sound harsh but everything else has been tried in the last 150 years, just read our history.

I refuse to sit in a church with drug dealers who deal in death, Biggots who promote hatred and any of the other social parasites that this town has attracted for years.

As you can immagine I have no church in this town to go to from any faith, believe me I have tried.

I honestly believe it will take a hard line from Churches,Police,Councils and local authoritys to weed out the badness in this town so that ordinary good living christian people can actualy live without fear.

By hard line I mean If you have sinned then you will pay for that sin there will be no absouloution for you