Monday, 12 October 2009

BT Delivers - At Last!

For those of you following the story, it's been a long time coming! It really started off in August when we asked BT to transfer our line, broadband enabled line, from the church building into the offices of our new hall. We are now in mid-October and I've received confirmation this morning that we have broadband back again. Meanwhile we reflect that we've been cut off completely in the intervening period, had our number changed twice, waited countless hours for engineers, spoken to a plethora of folk from India and other foreign climes like Englandshire, and danced a jig when we got a dialling tone in mid September!

Are we mad for opting into BT Total Broadband? Probably. It was the easiest way, in the end, to get our internet connection back. Perhaps that's how they planned it in the first place!

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