Saturday, 10 October 2009

I'll Have a Pint of That!

The Tartan Army foot-soldiers are to be commended for travelling all the way to Japan for what ended up another glorious failure. Isn't it amazing how so many Scotland fans travel to these matches? They are obviously overpaid! However, a massive cave-in in the last six minutes so us go down 2-0.

What more can the foot-soldiers do other than get torn in to the local beverage! However, someone needs to tell them not to order this in pint glasses. On the other hand, it may well take the edge off the disappointment!


frdougal said...

Minds me of a very old joke:

Celtic are away playing Roma in the European Cup. Shug and Wullie go into a Roman bar and ask the Patrone "Whit dis the Pope drink?".
"Ah, da Holy Fadda he drinks da creme de menthe" answers Luigi. "Right, sunshine, 2 pints of that."

After an evening on the creme de menthe, Shug and his pal come to the next morning. Beelin heids and covered in green puke.
Shug groans: "Haw, Wullie, nae winder he gets cairried aboot in a chair if he drinks that stuff"!

Fr Kenny said...

Aye! The old ones are best!