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  • Why has religion indeed the Holy Bible been the cause so much trouble in the world. If I count the trouble caused by Man’s interpretation of Holy Scriptures throughout history; I would need a super computer to record the results.

    Holy Books are the bane of human kind, mix their vague and cryptic messages with the manipulative, power hungry and vain "Holy Men" and you have trouble which spans the course of history. These people who interpret Holy Scriptures to their own slants are the worse types of human beings.

    After sixty years of listening to the inane prattle of holy men and women, I have grown to hate the word of god and all its trappings. Seriously, I have not in the course of my life ever heard anything of good come from the preaching of the "Word of God."

    The fact of the matter is; I only hear separatism and bigotry defined in the interpretation of "God's Word." I hear the condemnation of the physical world; I hear the condemnation of the other religions of the world and its peoples as; ‘godless, pagan and heathen. The followers of Allah say; "I am a Muslim so you are an infidel because you are not." What is the matter with the people of the world, you are not solving problems with religion, you are making the world worse because of your interpretations, and misunderstanding of what the prophets wrote thousands of years ago.

    Here on one hand you have the "Pope" telling his people to super populate the world and on the other hand you have a Religious Zealot from the Mullah telling their people that they must fight a Jihad, the average person who knows not, takes these religious personalities to heart.

    I must call religion insane, no religion is good for mankind, not a one, they contradict one another, and they cause a riff between peoples. Brainwashing, in its purest form is what religion is, pure and simple; brainwashing.

    Throughout history all religions have given to the poor and down trodden, but with a price, you must listen to the tract and recognize that Christ is your saviour and that you must give up your soul to this god to be at peace. Then there are the other religions, which only help only their own people, no matter what the god is it is not altruistic in fact far from it all these religions are power-based organizations with an agenda.

    Here is another thing about religion; it promises a life after death, how vain, no one has ever come back from the dead to say hey there is another world on the other side. This is another form of brain washing. Here you have a man who is poor and old; he takes religion and uses it as a crutch to ease the pains of life. This promise of an afterlife is a way of pushing a man or woman aside so they can feel content with the absence of material wealth in this world. " ... the opiate of the masses ... " how accurate and insightful was that statement?

    We need a revolution by the little people who are being led around by the nose. They need to shake off the religious power brokers and politicians who know that they are using religion to dictate the lives and histories of the unsuspecting and illiterate. We need to say good-bye to religion and its mythologies. We need to take our destinies in our own hands and say good-bye to God and the ancient and outdated writings, which hold back the progress of the world.

    Back during the Renaissance period, religion, especially the Christian Religion, made horrible mistakes and tried to keep the world ignorant, have we forgotten their manipulation and destruction, the setbacks to science, art and philosophy? Have we not developed a logic now, which sees through the same old rhetoric, which is being spoon-fed to the masses? I can understand why some of the world's great revolutions had banned religion from its politics religion is the Great Lie.

    Look, I know that this blog article is not going to make me a popular person in the world, but no one seems to want to state the obvious when it comes to this problem, lets face it; religion is not helping to make the world a better place. I cannot keep my mouth shut when it comes to the strife, which is boiling around the world, and at the middle of the strife is religion and its leaders stirring up trouble amongst the peoples.

    Now this brings me back to the original problem, religion is trying to influence the fields of battle by controlling the money behind the scenes and by influencing the power brokers as well.

    Remove the religious zealots from the equation and the strife will vanish, these fanatics keep the trouble brewing here in America and around the world as well, especially in the Middle East. The peoples of Palestine and Israel, along with all other parties who are fighting must set aside their religious and philosophical differences and talk from their own logic and use their feelings to find their way in the quelling this conflict. Tell all of those insane religious leaders to shut up and let those who think logically do the negotiating for peace.

    It is time for religion to be cast from our societies and for the world to be brave and stretch its wings and fly. Do away with the crutch of religion and walk up right, stand tall against all forms of tyranny including the tyranny of one’s soul.

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