Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Banking Catastrophe

It's not nice to wake up to a text from the bank telling you that you are horribly overdrawn, especially when you know you are not! Panic! Panic! After an hour of stomach churning, the bank eventually opens and we get an answer after another hour. A three figure sum that had been lodged had been put through as a two figure sum. End of panic, and I was told nicely that I wouldn't be charged for being overdrawn. Isn't that kind of them?

Banks - Your bestest friends - and so generous in the way they look after your interests!

What bugs me is that this happened on Friday. It's Tuesday, and they still hadn't found the discrepancy. Does nobody balance at the end of the day? When I worked in banking, 37 years ago, we weren't allowed out of the branch at night unless we had balanced the cash!


Morag said...

I remember the heady days when my father as branch accountant had to wait at the bank till every teller's sheets balanced, right down to the last penny! Alas, gone are those days!!

Chris said...

I hope you put your calling to one side and gave them a roasting!

Anonymous said...

They're just a load of bankers.