Monday, 16 November 2009

Bad Weekend

I probably sum things up if I say that the Congregational AGM was the highlight of my weekend. It was a good and positive meeting, and St Augustine's is now in a super position. We are "financially viable", have a new hall complex which surpasses our wildest dreams, and the church building is in excellent nick after the restoration five years ago. The church is even warm now after the installation of new boilers!

The rest of the weekend is best forgotten, not least because of the terrible football results that came my way. (I know, I'm shallow!"

So, a new week and a new beginning, and I'm starting it with having a proper "day off", the first in quite some time. The dogs are looking at me longingly, and I know where their priorities lie. I'll eventually cede and put on the thermals and the waterproof clothing in readiness for the P.A.R.K.

Aye. It's a dog's life!


Chris said...

Did you write this before the post arrived? ;-)

Fr Kenny said...

Yes. Am I missing something?

susan s. said...

Going W.A.L.K.I.E.S.? Have a good time.