Thursday, 5 August 2010

Booked it!

I've been needing to go on retreat for a while now, and today I took the plunge and booked a retreat in St Mary's Kinnoul, in Perth, my bolt-hole on many occasions! This is what's on offer:

The Radical Call to Discipleship

A retreat is an opportunity to listen to the God who speaks to us in Jesus Christ. His Gospel is the work of life, and we need to hear it afresh, if it is to touch our hearts and change our lives.

Our task as disciples is to bring together the teaching of the Gospel and the unique gift of our life experience. In this way we bring the Gospel to life, One sheds light on the other and the saying of Job rings true, “I know that my Redeemer lives and in my flesh I shall see God” (Job 19: 25-26)

The six day retreat will seek to provide you with the contemplative silence and atmosphere that you need for your personal reflection. It will encourage you to enter gently into the life of God, taking account of your need for rest and stillness. Fr. McAinsh’s special interest, over many years, has been in interpersonal relationships and their link with spirituality and the consecrated life. You will have the opportunity for private sharing with him.

The retreat begins with the evening meal at 7.00pm on the 13th and concludes after breakfast on the 20th August.

Fr. McAinsh is the Provincial of the Redemptorists in Britain. He has conducted retreats and spiritual workshops in many parts of the world and has served on the Redemptorist International Formation Commission and as Novice Master. He spent many years as Superior of the Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe and was Leader of the Conference of Religious in Zimbabwe for 9 of those years.

Because of parish commitments, I'll not be joining them until Sunday afternoon, but it sounds like just what the doctor ordered!

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