Monday, 9 August 2010

It's Crying Time Again.

It seems like a long time since I blogged about the football. I know we've had the World Cup and all to keep us  in peak condition, but the Scottish season ended for Partick Thistle Nil in mid-May, and the First Division kicked off on Saturday.

For the first time in many many years I haven't renewed my Season Ticket. There are two reasons for this.£250 just after my holidays is a bit of a struggle, but has usually been a priority for me in recent years. The Club needed my money and my commitment, even if I missed a few home games. However, churchy commitments on a Saturday seem to be getting much heavier of late and I'm missing more and more of the home fixtures. Financially, it's just not viable any more.

Why the reluctance to part with hard earned cash? Saturday's result tells a story. A 4-0 reverse at Raith Rovers calls into question how the Club is being run at the moment, and to be honest, for once, I have other priorities that seem to be more worthy of my support. Partick Thistle runs through my veins and always will do, but Tuesday nights at Firhill in mid November, watching a bunch of guys who no longer seem to play for the jersey is not my idea of fun.

Maybe I'm just getting old?

Oh! I'll still be there this season, defeats or otherwise, relegation-threatened or otherwise, but if the guys who wear red and yellow don't come across as being 100% committed to the cause, I don't see why my bank account should be 100% committed either.


Fr Kenny said...

A Dumbarton fan, on another blog, with similar feelings, has suggested that he's just going through a mid-life crisis! Maybe that's it!

Chris said...

Old? maybe it's maturity! ;-)