Tuesday, 10 August 2010


I've been spending a bit of time, of late, updating the Parish Website. Trying to get my head around rotating pictures is a big deal for me and that's my next goal, but going through what is quite an extensive site and updating text is laborious, yet enlightening.

There is stuff that has been there for nine years which still holds true and cannot be changed, really. Positive things I wrote about the parish then are still relevant and accurate. I try to think of ways to reword the stuff, but I'm afraid to weaken the positive message that new visitors need to get! Other things are tedious, for example adding another year on to my age! (I should just record my date of birth and be done with it).

Other things are having to be rewritten. The development of Friends and the Gambian School need to be recorded, and some more recent photos needed to be added. The whole area of community involvement needed to be rewritten, and several new links added. It's where things have developed that I get the biggest buzz. It shows that things are growing and refusing to stand still.

The Site itself needed to be given a totally new look as it seemed to be getting quite tired in my own eyes, and new pastel colours have perhaps achieved that.

It's my belief that a parish without a decent website is really missing opportunities in the modern world. It doesn't take too much effort to get one going, and there are plenty of folk in our congregations who can help with that, but maintenance is as important as presence! There's nothing worse than visiting a parish site that is at least two years out of date, but sadly that's quite a common phenomenon.

However, that's just me being chuffed, and a little bit too smug for my own good, at tackling something I should have done months ago!


Morag said...

Why not be smug? The new look website is a definite improvement with its fresh new look and feel. And unlike a lot of church websites I've visited you can actually find information you want fairly easily!

Erp said...

Missing some alt tags for images (should be alt="" if the image contributes nothing significant) which would be helpful to many who are blind.

Does seem to use logical layout

Does seem to have a few problems validating. I suspect a typo.