Monday, 23 August 2010

Let There Be Light!

A couple of weeks ago I bought one of these SAD lamps! I know, I know, maybe I have more money than sense, but fellow sufferers from depression had recommended them to me, and pointed out that a wee burst of light every morning had often raised their spirits enough to see them through the day.

Now, because I'm not that rich, I opted for the cheapest version, but even in these dark summer mornings, sans sun, I've felt the benefit. I opted not to take it on retreat, and there was enough sun and stimulation there to make it kind of redundant anyway! Even though I didn't feel the need today, I had a half-hour blast this morning and it's done me no harm at all.

West of Scotland dreary cloudiness doesn't do the spirits much good..... a wee parish in Florida would be nice..... but something caught my eye in today's Herald which rang bells with me. It was a light-hearted, (no pun intended), wee article on light bulbs, suggesting that we are all really being deprived of light in our modern world through our efforts to save the planet!

I remember the days when a 100 watt bulb was always in the "big light", but we can't purchase these things for love or money these days, and even our 60 watt bulbs are energy savers. They take forever to heat up, and just don't give me the same buzz as ordinary old-fashioned bulbs.

The West of Scotland should be exempt from saving the planet through the use of new-fangled light bulb rules, and we should be allowed, as from now, to have as much light in our homes as we like. Simply to stave off the depression of course!

After all, a happy workforce is a productive one, and for those facing long-term unemployment, they'll need something to cheer them up!


Chris said...

Couldn't agree more. I loathe energy-saving bulbs: even when they're fully awake they tend to a horrid yellowness that does me no good at all!

dtedac said...

Fr. Kenny,
You are absolutely right: light does help depression. My wife also suffers from depression, and sitting in the sun or in light always helps her.

Unknown said...
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Carol said...

Natural Daylight energy saver bulbs are fantastic. They don't need time to warm up as 'normal' energy savers do and give a bright blue light. I've had them all through the house for years, for depression and SAD, and wouldn't have it any other way now. Miss them when I go away.