Friday, 6 August 2010

Traffic Nightmare

A dear friend, and a dear friend of St Augustine's, Eve Underhill, has died and her funeral is tomorrow in Dumfries. This coincides with the most important Church/Community Day to take place since I came here 9 years ago, and there is no way that the RW and I can absent ourselves from it.

We had the wonderful idea that we would attend the Reception of the Remains into church this afternoon at 4.30pm instead. Off we set at 1.30pm for what would be a two hour journey at the most. By 4pm we had not even reached Motherwell, less than 20 miles away. The traffic was just dreadful. Unprecedented.

Eventually at Hamilton we gave up and set off back home again. We just feel empty, as if we have been denied closure. The spirit was very willing, and we just know that those involved will understand.

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