Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Was I the only person who found this BBC 2 programme/comedy utterly depressing? There were so many insights into the very negative parts of ministry that I began despairing for the Church, and despairing for priesthood in the modern age. Even the little bit of redemption at the end of the last episode seemed like a small crumb of comfort for the vicar. For his poor wife, there was not even that.

Yes, there was so much of my own ministry, and my own thoughts there, but it was almost totally devoid of the good bits of ministry, the joys, and the fun of leading a parish with people who laugh in the face of it all.

Reminder to self: Don't ever think that an urban parish in the C of E, however tempting it might be to do so, is any easier than working in a small Church which struggles for survival.

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Morag said...

I liked the fact that the Rev stuck to his beliefs but was prepared to admit that clergy have doubts too - far too many of them in my life have been determined to act like "Super Minister" who never has any problems, doubts about faith or anything else.

And Colin was just brilliant!