Saturday, 7 August 2010

Community Fair

It was a way of bringing together all the community groups who use our new Community Hall together with the congregation, and jointly having a massive bash in the sun, and yes it was a perfect day for a change. One of my Facebook friends even turned up to meet me in real time and spend some of her well earned dosh!

Singers, dancers, morning coffee, barbecue lunch, cream teas in the afternoon, masses of stalls along with reiki and reflexology sessions, and the place was "hoaching" with folk! Gemma Doyle, our new Empee, was with us, pictured, and it seemed that half of Dumbarton popped in at some point. £1,000+ for church funds, and our community groups made a fair bit too on their various stalls.

Somehow, however, the fundraising wasn't the most important bit, as the St Augustine's family that we are trying to build all came together and made a mighty effort. We got to know each other and what we do, and names were learned and new friendships formed. Brilliant!

Very often in churches there can be an "us" and "them" mentality and today was an excellent way of breaking that down, and building community. It's a first and important step along the way of what we are now trying to achieve.

And as we closed down, some peace marchers arrived to stay the night in our hall on their way to Faslane tomorrow. Who said St Aug's wasn't a happening place?

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