Wednesday, 10 June 2009


The RW has gone to France for a few days to visit son's new home. Even Archie has gone on his holidays for a day or two, which leaves me alone with the Dynamic Duo of Toastie and Peanut, and of course the Silent Assassin.

It is strange, but rather comforting, to have the house to myself, and the silence is good. I like being alone sometimes, the space gives me time to think and reflect and I'm in no rush to put on the TV or fill the void with noise of any kind.

Of course I love the RW, and her company is such that I want it forever, but she's not a "silence" person, and sometimes I am. I will miss her and want her home long before she's due, but until then I'll wallow in the silence and listen to what may be being said!

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