Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Perfect Day

Well, the day seems perfect until one considers where one might take Archie for a walk! You see, Archie and other people's picnics don't mix very well, so a walk in one of the local parks is a "no-no"! In fact, everywhere that normal people go to sit on the grass, share some sandwiches, and drink some tea or coffee from a flask are just no-go areas.

Archie believes in sharing, and that the kindly folk have just brought him a spot of lunch to aid him on his way. It becomes embarrassing. One can't just offer to buy a family, with howling children who have just lost their cake, a new picnic!

So, this lunchtime saw us having a leisurely stroll along the path of the River Clyde in the shade of Dumbarton Rock and Castle. A beautiful walk it was too, until Archie found the smelliest, slimiest piece of the River and rolled gloriously in it all. Don't be fooled by appearances... this dog is a slut!

However, we DID manage to capture the Castle in all its glory. Not often you'll get a photo of Dumbarton with glorious blue skies!


Morag said...

Your painting skills are really coming on a treat. Anyone would think that was a real photo of Dumbarton Rock in the sun - but that can't possibly be right, can it? :-)

susan s. said...

Lovely Archie! Too bad he never learned to eat only from his own bowl!

Chris said...

You should come over and walk in the forests and hillsides in Argyll - we rarely meet anyone!

Fr Kenny said...

I'm afraid, Susan, he was four by the time we got him. Toastie and Peanut will look longingly and beg, but neither will presume food is just theirs for the taking!

Jane Sladdin (Chalmers) said...

Is Archie a Golden Retriever? If os he looks very like my old GR - Monty who at nearly 14 is still a b******. I remember vividly when her was a pup rushing up to 'join' a family with their picnic. Luckily they loved him and managed to rescue it and then insisted they ahd their photo taken with him?!? Jane