Thursday, 25 June 2009

Home or Homeless?

And so it came to pass that yesterday the Social Work Dept saith unto me, "Lo! We have found a place in a Care Home for your father." So, I arose and went unto my father, in hospital, and saith unto him, "Father we have found a home which shall be your home, and it is just around the corner from your old home and many flocks of people will visiteth thee and thou shalt be happy" (For a week or two.) And father was greatly pleased, and saith, "Thanks be to Jehovah who hast given me this great gift!" And he crieth and huggeth, and we were greatly comforted.

Then saith Social Work unto me, "Now I shall show you that the SW Dept giveth and the SW Dept taketh away. Behold, the bed that was for your father to lieth upon may not be his, because the woman, whom I have putteth into hospice care, may yet come back to the bed I have given unto your father, so it cannot be his bed until I decideth whether the woman dieth or not."

And so there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth, and, yes, teeth were provided.


Chris said...

And meanwhile you're reduced to praying that some woman who's never done you any harm continues to deteriorate... Great stuff, isn't it?

James said...

Hi Fr Kenny, nice to see daddy cool on his feet once more.However don't give up the lord will make a way were there seems to be no way.Remember Isa 40-He who waits upon the lord will renew his strength.....Amen, and so shall it be sooner than later even where the old lady is still on transit.

Fr Jimmy

susan s. said...

Praying for _all_ concerned!