Monday, 1 June 2009

Returning to the Fold

It is maybe only now, after nearly four sweltering days in Dumbarton that I dare write about the sun-soaked holiday! Fourteen days on a beautiful Greek island was just what the doctor ordered, and I've returned all laid-back and full of the Lesbian Serenity. Well, 13 days, really, as the first 24 hours was spent in Manchester Airport, thankfully most of it in a hotel room. Greece was shut as a result of a fireman's strike!

Lesbos is a wonderful island, so very beautiful, and populated by wonderful, friendly people who enjoy their food, and seem to live to produce good food, then spend the rest of their time eating it and sharing it with others! It lives in a deeply held and strong Orthodox tradition, and most of the monasteries and churches are just breathtaking, and very much alive too. I would challenge anyone not to be moved by the beauty and "feel" of the Church of the Sweet Kissing Virgin in Petra.

If that's not your scene, then the RW pays tribute to the exceptionally fine wines of Lesbos which need to be tasted with relish if you ever visit! We were in Mollyvos and visited the hot springs nearby. Enough to scald you to death, and we ended up in the "private baths" where you could choose your own temperature! (and your own partner, presumably).

Back to reality now! I'm due in to the Vale Hospital on Wednesday for cardioversion, a stop-start of my heart to try to get it into regular rhythm again, although the hospital today say they may cancel if my blood isn't quite thin enough for them! I'll be hammering the warfarin until then in the dizzy hope that all will be well by Wednesday evening. Dad is still in The Vale, and we're trying to get a Care Home fixed up for him, although Social Work seem to be very slow in their deliberations, much like the Church, I guess.

Archie hasn't changed! Off we went for a run in the park this afternoon. Unfortunately, Archie spied a family picnic a mile off, and by the time I caught up with him, most of the food was gone. I humbly apologised, but my ears are still ringing with the curses that followed our hasty retreat. I couldn't even offer to pay for it, because I didn't have my wallet, and it was a home-made picnic anyway. (ie not bought from the Sandwich Shop) He's not even repentant......

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susan s. said...


Glad you're back. will we get pictures?

I am remembering you in my prayers for your i mean, cardioversion.