Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Whey! Off to the sunny Greek Island of Lesbos later this evening for two weeks of total relaxation. It's been a while since the RW and I have had a two week holiday on our own, and Gambia doesn't count cos that can be hard work!

We love Rhodes, and have been told that if we love Rhodes we'll love Lesbos, so it's with great expectation that we travel! Those who want to see where we are staying can view a wee film clip here. Wouldn't Archie just love it?

The pets are all ready to go, as the Rectory-keeper doesn't want the responsibility of looking after all the family!

Now, it's a case of running about like a blue-bummed fly to get all the loose ends tied up!

See you all in a fortnight!


Wee Ruthie said...

Hope you and L have a fabulous time. You deserve a decent break, much love, Me

susan s. said...

What a lovely place for vacating! Have a great time.

James said...

Good luck to you both and have a great holiday. Make sure you get rested.

susan s. said...

Aren't you supposed to be home by now?

Erp said...

Well I would give him a day or two to recover (especially if he had church to do on the 31st). Hoping all is well though.