Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Visits are depressing just now. Any humour seems to have gone, and what's there is wallowing in a decent, or indecent, bout of depression. His mind has accepted that there is no 'going home' now, although he can't really remember where home is. Now there are lots of tears and despair.

Getting him a place in a Care Home doesn't happen overnight, yet his hospital ward is a depressing place and those around him are similarly beset by dementia to one degree or another, although neither fellow patients in his 'room' even talk! He wants us just to take him home, which, obviously, we can't. It's all very sad.

Although I promise him I'll find somewhere for him to go soon, he's convinced that they'll carry him out of there in a box.

As I said, visits are depressing just now.


dtedac said...

Fr. Kenny,

I understand what you are going through. We went through this with my wife's parents and now my mother. We can only do the best we can and leave it in God's hands, because God is the only one who has control in this case. God bless you.

David Costa

James said...

Dear Fr K,
Please take heart. I do understand your situation at the moment, but i want to assure you that the Good lord is in control and will surely heal your dad.
We are praying and these prayers will not go in vain.


susan s. said...

Prayers for everyone.