Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Birthday Girl

The RW has a birthday today. If I tell you that next year will be a very big one and will effect her employment status, perhaps you may guess the number!

However, we were talking about age yesterday, and probably both agree with Gambians who perpetually tell us that 'age is just a number'. I was saying that I still consider myself one of the youngest priests in the Diocese, although I'm certainly not, being ordained over 30 years! The RW dresses, looks and has the attitude of one far less that the number which has been bestowed on her today!

It is an attitude thing, really, isn't it? There are many people just like us who have decided to 'act their age'! How boring! I go with the premiss that if you are not embarrassing your children then you are missing out on a lot in life!

So it's a 'Happy Birthday' to a 59 year-old today, to whom I dedicate the Frank Sinatra song, "You make me feel so Young"!

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