Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Pinched from MadPriest


"Archbishop Williams said that Anglican provinces are “a bit reluctant” to engage the proposed Anglican Communion Covenant in greater detail..."

A very good summary of the Archbishop of Caterbury's little chat, yesterday, to the delegates in Gaidethia, can be found at ANGLICAN JOURNAL.

Personally, I've pretty much lost all interest in what the primates, their spin doctors and talking heads have to say about gay people and transsexuals. The game is over. It has been over since it became obvious that the US legal system was not going to hand TEC's property and pastoral responsibilities to the schismatics. The only thing left now is for the Anglican Communion to sort out what this means for individual provinces, individual dioceses and, above all, individuals. The only way that this process can go smoothly and with the minimum of damage to the credibility and pastoral effectiveness Anglicanism is if the AB of C and the ACC let go of the Covenant and their desire to control the situation. At the moment the ACC is a dam holding back the waters. If they continue to stop the natural flow, when the dam breaks the exploding torrent will cause all sorts of damage. It is always better to let water find its own level and shape.

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