Sunday, 10 May 2009

Partick Thistle Nil

Not to be disappointed, we finished up our season yesterday with Nil. Dundee got four. However, Dumbarton won 3-1 and took the Third Division Championship with a bit of style. Great rejoicing in the town yesterday. Sadly, most of it was because Rangers beat Celtic.

Why align ourselves with these two waste of time teams, interested only in bigotry? Local football, and smaller clubs are desperate for local support!


dtedac said...

Fr. Kenny,
Sorry about that 4-0 against Dundee. The old adage is: wait til next year! Second place in the table was not bad, though. From a Partick Thistle fan in Jacksonville FL.

David Costa

MadPriest said...

In all seriousness I pose the question - Is our inclination to support any team or individual, in a sporting event, to a large extent due to our propensity for bigotry? If it is that would answer your question.

Fr Kenny said...

Nothing wrong with having an allegiance to a football team. We, as humans, feel good about being part of a pack! Football is harmless until hatred for others creeps in, and battles ensue.

The religious bigotry in Glasgow is unbelievable when Rangers and Celtic get torn in, and that's why I follow a football team!

At Firhill we practice unconditional love, and even clap the opposition!

MadPriest said...

"even clap the opposition!"

That's just old fashioned gentlemanly behaviour that you probably learnt off the English. Underneath all supporters are tribal and bigotry is a protectionist instinct that evolved with tribalism.

I'm not saying it cannot be risen above. But I am saying it is the explanation as to why the bigger tribes have more supporters The bigger teams are seen by their supporters as more powerful tribes. Matches are raids into the territory of neighbouring tribes. To stop tribes intermingling and becoming weaker you instill bigotry in the tribe members.

Fr Kenny said...

I've always opposed segregation in the lower leagues.

However, my swipe was at the "religious" bigotry that the Old Firm perpetuates.