Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Star Trek Coffin - Just the Job!

In this time of gloom and doom, why not cheer yourself up by pre-buying that coffin or casket you've always promised yourself? Many of the most prudent saints of old kept a casket in their house, just to remind them of what lay ahead... so why not follow their inspiring example? You may live long and prosper – but you're just as likely to die soon and wither.

May we recommend the new Star Trek Casket (or indeed, the Urn, pictured above) for that final, "Beam me up, Lord" moment? The casket, which will debut later in 2009, is styled on the warp-capable photon torpedoes first used by the Klingons and as seen in
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. What better way to enter eternity than in an antimatter weapon? Dick Cheney has his ordered already.

Look great even when you're dead. Find out more about Star Trek deathware here – price to be confirmed.

Both this and the comment below are pinched from Ship of Fools. (Link on rhs)


Morag said...

Does it also come with your very own Scotty to play "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes as you get launched out the airlock, like he did at Spock's funeral? Certainly worked wonders for Spock after all, judging by the number of films he took part in after his death :-)

Anonymous said...
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