Monday, 4 May 2009

Birthday Looms

It's the RW's birthday tomorrow, (Rectory Wife), and being the chaotic person I am, I certainly didn't make provision for the fact that today is a Bank Holiday and everywhere is closed, locally at least. The RW has a day off, too, which makes it difficult to sneak away and buy the necessary!

Some of the clergy in this part of the world are having lunch today in a Glasgow pub. If I take her along, and tell her that's her birthday present, a magnificent lunch with magnificent company, do you think that will suffice?


Maggot said...

Give her a signed guarantee of your undivided attention for x number of hours. She could cash the tokens in, as and when she needs them. Oh, I forgot ... you're a clergman, so all you can honourably avoid all such extreme commitments!

Erp said...

I always thought RW stood for Revered Wife.

Bit late for me to comment on the lunch idea or anything for today.

Fr Kenny said...

It's OK, really. Solved the card problem tonight, and there just happened to be a "secret" pressie stashed away.... and she just loved lunch!

Amanullah De Sondy said...

Happy Birthday to the RW :) Hope it is a fun day for her and wishing her every warmth and smiles for a prosperous future showered with God's love!

GadgetVicar said...

Well, much as Randomness and I are most definitely "magnificent company", no, I don't really think that yesterday's lunch counts as a birthday present, sorry.

Lovely to meet RW! Happy Birthday to her.

avenscent said...

If you could manage to get a nice birthday card and box of chocalates to go with it you could just about get away with it.

I expect you did.